About Us


With operations and clients in the United States, the United Kingdom and China, Rosewich enjoys an international reputation and has established excellent working relationships with some of the world’s leading steel fabricators based on a number of successful, high profile collaborations in recent years.


The Rosewich team offers design engineers, general contractors, public agencies and steel fabricators a comprehensive range of tailor-made professional engineering services designed to ensure all intricate design issues are identified and addressed at the very inception of a project:

  • Initial design concepts

  • Detailing and modelling

  • Management and coordination of the fabrication process

  • Bespoke quality assurance systems

  • Oversight of on-site construction and engineering


Our goal is to develop design solutions to complex projects and to get them 100% right – first time, every time. Our pioneering approach provides clients with an engineering partner focused on the successful and timely completion of important construction projects, large and small, anywhere in the world.

Rosewich is a results oriented company. In our engineering and inspections, we seek out innovative, efficient solutions to save our clients time and money without ever compromising on quality or safety.